Friday, August 19, 2011

LIttle Bitta Italy Part 3

We spent 10 wonderful days at "Domus Cilento", just above the charming village of "Santa Maria Di Castellabate" It was only a short walk out of the front door of our apartment, down the rest of the mountain, and on to the village. The walk back was an entirely different story, it was twice as far and took twice as long! (okay, it just felt that was SOOO uphill!)

Here is the wonderful Fish Market, located at the bottom of the road to "Domus Cilento". The hand painted mural is a great rendition of the main beach at Santa Maria Di Castellebate. One day, Dan stopped by and picked up some fish for us ....

Lena cooked it up" in the pan..."
And we all ate it "like a Man!"

This is a view of "Santa Maria Di Castelabate", the village below our apartment.

The beautiful and inviting boardwalk along the main beach at Santa Maira

The main beach at Santa Maria...Full of Umbellas, families, children, fun and frivolity! I am ashamed to say that I never did even dip a toe in the sea this trip.:-(

The Patron Saint of Santa Maria...she sits atop the harbor wall at the main beach, watching over all.

Next Post; Delores's Cooking Class at Domus Cilento!

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