Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Little Bitta Italy


Naples Airport...great experience, and the best iced coffee ever! Caffee Freddo...we loved it! Then a wonderful, comfortable bus trip to Salerno. We passed Mt. Vesuvius on the way; Impressive!

Here is Vasili, enjoying the wonderful Caffee Freddo at the Naples Airport Outdoor Cafe.

Mt. Vesuvius...close enough for me!

We arrived at our final destination; Cava di Terrini, checked in then went out to look at our surroundings. It was a Beautiful! town, not far from Salerno. We were meeting up here with our American friends, Dan and Lena Strumas. They were off attending a huge wedding and celebration that evening, and we didn't see them till the next morning. A happy, happy reunion for all four of us!
Here are some sights from "Cava Di Terrini"

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