Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday-Cyber Monday Weekend Sale


                     Aegean Dreams Artistic Jewelry 

    ****Black Friday-Cyber Monday Weekend Sale***

Beginning Thrusday, Nov 22, and ending Tuesday Morning, Nov 27, shoppers will receive a 20% discount on all purchases, even already reduced items!

You only need to insert the coupon code; BlackFriday20 at the point of purchase to receive your discount.

Happy Holiday Shopping!!

This is my Sterling Silver "Squiggles" necklace.  
This choker necklace lays so beautifully, just along the collar bones.  The motifs end at the sides of the neck, and a handmade chain continues to the clasp.

Companion "Squiggles" Earrings
The companion Earrings 

Sterling Silver Squares
The sleek, modern Sterling Silver Squares 

Sterling Silver "Electra" Earrings
These earrings are fit for a Princess, and that is why they are named "Electra" after the daughter of  King Agamemnon of the Mycenaean, Greece
You can find more of this collection in my shop; including a bracelet, wonderful necklace and a statement ring.

Sterling Silver Hoops wrapped round and round with beautifully faceted Amethyst Gemstones.

Chalcedony and Swarovski Heart
I have been making my stylized Sterling Silver hearts for many years, each one slightly different and beautifully unique.  This one is adorned using faceted Chalcedony gemstone beads, and small, round faceted Swarovski Crystals.  

"LOVE" in Any Language!
I am totally in LOVE with this pendant!  One of my freeform hearts, gone Puffy! and stamped with Love in7 different languages; can you figure out which languages are on the heart?

Copper and Prehinite Woven Frame Bracelet

Copper and Crystal Heart Pendant

Copper, Silver and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Earrings
Fantastic Copper Hoops, with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Beads wrapped round and round with Sterling Silver Wire.

  Your items will arrive wrapped and ready to gift, and shipping is complimentary; yes, anywhere in the world!  I will also gladly ship direct to your gift recipient, should you wish, with a small gift card enclosed.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Red Cross Relief

                   Hurricane Sandy Red Cross Relief Fund

American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund
 I am sure that you are all aware of the disaster which has befallen the North East of the United States,  Help is needed, and I believe that the American Red Cross is best positioned to give that help.  That is why from now, thru Sat. Nov. 10th, I am donating 20% of my Aegean Dreams Artistic Jewelry sales this week.    Watch my Aegean Dreams Face Book page for postings on the progress.

If you would prefer, you could donate directly to the Red Cross.

Canary Quartz Micro Faceted Pendant in Gold

Here are a few new pieces which I have just added to my Aegean Dreams shop.

Canary Quartz Micro Faceted Earrings in Gold

Copper and Silver Earrings with Prehnite Gemstones

Copper and Silver Cuff with Prehnite Gemstones

Here are a few other Etsy Artists which are helping raise funds for Hurricane Sandy Victims.  Go and check out their shops.  There are many more caring artists on Etsy, simply type "Hurricane Relief" or "Hurricane Sandy" into the search to find more.  It is a wonderful way to begin your Christmas shopping while helping the Storm Victims.

From Sibling Stew

 Casino Pier 8x10 Artistic Photography

 From Button Me Up,

Hurricane Sandy Charity button- Rain bunny

 From TiffanyPelczART,
New York City Skyline Print

 From Cheloftheseaa,
New Jersey New York Map Necklace

From ka4designs,
Return to New York City Pendant
I look forward to your views and comments and how you and your loved ones have been impacted by this disaster.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How the Indie Designer fits in the Jewelry Fashion Scene

The "Indie", or Independent Jewelry Designers are creating the latest look in fashion, many times actually leading the field of fashion.  When you buy from an Indie Designer, you can learn a bit about the artist, where your jewelry has come from, and perhaps how it was created or what inspired your piece.  All in all, a very personal experience.

Here I will give you a look at High End Designer Jewelry, and the more specialized Indie Designed Jewelry...and the choice is Yours!

 "How to Wear Silver Jewlery"....a fashion feature from "O" Magazine;

                   Add Elegance to Every Outfit with Silver Jewelry

"Innovative designs are making silver pieces more luxurious than ever."—O's Creative Director             Adam Glassman

Read more:

A wonderful collection of Designer Silver Jewelry (but out of reach price-wise for most of us mere mortals)

Now let's have a look at the skill and creativeness that the Indie Designers have to offer;

                                  First, From Greece;

                 A wonderful, Ethnic, hammered Sterling Silver Necklace

From Aegean Dreams "The Electra"

                             Next, from  California, United States

                                      Swarovski Crystal Bangle

Beautiful Bangle from 



                                 And From Portugal....

                                       This gorgeous Sterling Silver Filigree Ring



....And Last, but not least, 

From Scottsdale, Arizona, in the United States.......

Fastidiously Crafted, Elegantly Simply Designed Sterling Silver Cuff



Indie Designers bring you up to date fashion, excellent craftmanship, and a personal shopping experience which the large fashion designers cannot.  

 Have you shopped with an Indie Designer?  How was your experience?  What do YOU look for in an independent designer?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


                                2012 Fall Jewelry Trends

                                          High Fashion Jewelry from             

                                            Yves Saint Laurent 

                                             Torque Necklace

        And From Indie Artists.....

High Fashion at your fingertips;  Fab Fashion from Indie Jewelry Artists, just a mouse click away.  Most of these artists create One of a Kind pieces, most will ship anywhere in the world, and some may even offer Complimentary Shipping.  

                                     Hand Forged Copper Torque Necklace

                                              From The Tattooed Tinker

  From Aegean Dreams

From Strozzi