Sunday, June 9, 2013

                              An Aegean Bike Ride!

                     How to do a bike ride on an Aegean Island

The first thing that you need in order to do an Aegean Island bike ride, is an Aegean Island!  Since my home is on Salamina, that will be our island today.

                                                                   Salamis Island

Now that we have the island, the next most obvious thing we need is a BIKE!  Here is mine;

My Trusty Steed.

This is my trusty is a new Italian model bike and I LOVE it!  I try to get a bike ride in a couple times a week.
 The more tourist oriented Aegean Islands, and larger cities will now have bicycle rentals, but sadly, my island does not.

The Next Item you need is Sunscreen.  (This is an Aegean Bike ride, remember?  Sun! Sun! Sun!)

I never leave home without it!

Now, how about shoes?  A good pair of comfy shoes with a non-slip sole on them.  I just bought these, and I call them my "Heidi" shoes.  Not much on looks, but VERY comfy, and PERFECT for biking.

Heidi, eat your heart out!
  Actually, I would have preferred a classic pair of Keds, but seeing as how I am on a small Greek Island, not too many "Keds" shops around, but these are GREAT shoes, a German company called "Rieker" and they are comfortable from the first minute you put them on.  LOVE my Riekers!

And last, but not least, Jewellery! "What"? You say, "Jewellery"?  How is THAT necessary for an Aegean Bike Ride?

Well, I guess strictly speaking, it isn't; but,  if you are a jewellery artist, and you just LOVE to wear your jewellery every day, then it IS a necessity!

  So, I have chosen my beautiful Silver and Cracked Agate "Aegean Blue" bracelet for the occasion.  It so looks like the waters and sky of the Aegean, wrapped on your wrist.

"Aegean Blue Bracelet"

 Okay, so now that we have the Bike, the Sunscreen, and the Jewellery, where shall we go?  How about to the port?  (actually, that is where I always go, nice ride, about 5 miles each way and down hill most of the way on the outgoing trip...which means UP hill on the way back!)

My trusty Steed brought me safely to the port.  Now we will ride around it and on to my cafe.

 The first waterside Cafe...but not MY cafe...let's go a bit further.
Sculling Team
I usually see the little kids from the sailing school out here, with their funny little square sailboats, but today it seems to be the Sculling Team.  The coach was working them really hard, racing up and down in his motorised Zodiac, screaming orders at them.

Cappuccino and Cookie

This is MY cafe.  Love to sit here.
They make a GREAT cappuccino here.

                                  I hope that you enjoyed the bike ride, let's do it again sometime!


  1. I'm not sure how this works ...I have never done or seen a Blog..However I have known Sherry for 40 years. She is one of a handfull of MY BEST GIRLFRIENDS!!! I have experienced many of the 1st's of my life with her. She is a doer not a watcher. She LOVES TO LEARN NEW THINGS & a VERY GIFTER WRITER & ARTIST :) :) :)

  2. Had a whole Blog ( i guess thats what I call it too) written & went to publish it & EVERYTHING DISAPPEARED :( So now I have to rethink & save next time... Love &
    Miss You Sherry