Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How I Spent My Birthday

                        How I Spent My Birthday

I spent my 66th Birthday doing just what I had wanted to do.  Got up, got dressed, fixed my hair put on some great jewellery :-) and headed out to Athens for the day.  I had some house gifts to buy for my upcoming visits with friends in both Barcelona, Spain, and Surrey England, so it was fun to take my time and browse thru the myriad of art and craft shops, ceramic shops, jewellery shops and tacky tourists shops. (Don't worry Sarah, I didn't get something there!)

The journey begins, as always on the small passenger boat from Salamina, which will "Putt Putt" it's way to the Port of Piraeus. 

The Passenger Ferry from Salamina to Piraeus
This little boat takes about 45 minutes, and if the weather permits, I prefer to sit atop.  The trip is very pleasant.  I think there are 4 of these boats, and for the most part, they leave every half hour from both ports...till about 7pm.  Then you have to take the more difficult, less comfortable combination of bus and ferry.

Tired Tom

This ole boy looks as if he was out catting all night long, but is street savvy enough to find himself a cool and comfortable spot, which is also safe from dogs and passers by.  He was totally unfazed by my presence.

Antique Shop

"Little Miracles"
 A wonderfully over-stuffed antique shop; I had to resist the urge to go in and browse, as I was on the hunt for other game today.  But I must remember it for a return trip.  Love the name; Little Miracles.  Don't you just love the Tuba?

The city was bulging with tourists; there were two HUGE cruise ships in the port and all were headed to the Acropoli and then, what else?  Shopping!!

The Tourists are coming!  The Tourists are coming!!

My little boat passed two gimungous cruise ships in the port this morning, and now, here they all are!  First the Acropolis, and then; SHOPPING!

Wood or Leather, anyone?
A famous landmark in Athens

Masques, perhaps?

An alternate walking path up to the Acroplis.

This path takes you up to the Acropolis thru the small winding back streets, with stunning views out over the city, and quaint little marshmallow looking houses and blue rimmed churches, and LOTS of CATS!  Not too many tourists know to go here; mores the pity.

I bought a music CD from this nice young man.

This is the cafe where I usually stop for lunch, and I always get the same thing...boring I know, but it is so good!  It is a huge salad bowl filled with diffent lettuces, avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, walnuts and slices of chicken gyro (read; year-O...Please, Please do not stay Gyro, grates on my teeth!  "Gyro" or year-o, is the Greek word for "round" or to go around...which is what the meat does, it goes round and round with a brazier on 3 sides and it is DELISH!)

My usual cafe

"Quick Pita"

Fresh Fruit kiosk at Monastaraki

Street Artists at Monastaraki Square

The beautiful; Hadrian's Gate

Subway at Monastaraki.

Alas, the day is done and time to go home.   First a train ride of about 29 minutes to the Port of Piraeus, then a short walk to the boat, and I am off again, bound for Salamina.
Disembarking passengers; "MIND THE GAP!"

View of a Flying Dolphin.  

The "Aida"

View from the bow of my boat.
That marks the end of today's Birthday Journey.  I enjoyed it, I hope you did!  

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