Friday, March 11, 2011

Athens Again and New Contest for Followers!

  The weather got slightly warmer yesterday, so I decided to brave the cold and head into Athens to stock up on the Sterling Silver wire which I was in need of for my Aegean Dreams Jewelry.  I remembered to take my camera along just in case I saw something to share with you.

For those of you who always picture Greece as sun and is a photo which I took from inside my car, while waiting for the Ferry to Port of Piraeus...Snow covered mountains, across the bay on the mainland!  That is why I was waiting inside the car!  Still really cold!

  Here is a shot of the docks where I leave "Haroula" ("Little Joy", my car), and catch the boat to go to Piraeus, a ride of about 40 minutes.
  On the way, just as we were breaking out into open sea, I spotted this HUGE container ship, so I climbed up to the top deck, (Oh! What I do in the interest of my Followers!!  LOL! It was REALLY cold up there!)

  I tried to count how many across each row and then how many rows...not very accurate, but surely, there are more then 400 Semi Containers on this one ship.  Don't you just wonder where they are all
destined for?

  I arrived in Athens with a group of four American women whom I met on the train.  They had arrived on an NCL cruise ship and had just that day to see Athens.  We got to talking, and one thing led to another, and the next thing I knew, I was leading them thru Plaka, showing them my fav' eating and coffee stops, a shop-owner acquaintance of mine, who designs and weaves the most wonderful wall hangings, and saves homeless cats and dogs in her spare time, and on thru and up to the picturesque back route to the Acropolis.  I left them on their own, just above the Greek Agora, and I took my "short cut" back down to Monastarki and on to my own business.  They appreciated a tour by a local, and I enjoyed their company.

  Here we are on "Ermou", the most popular shopping street in Athens, which is pedestrians only.  The second photo shows our omnipresent, visibly well armed police on patrol.
  I wasn't aware of it till I arrived at Syntagma (Constitution) Square, but there was a huge demonstration planned for later, so I didn't dither, not wanting to be caught in something that had any possibility of turning never know what can happen.

  This is the approach to the Parliament building, at the top of Syntagma Square.(Platia, in Greek)

  And this is the emotionally beautiful monument to the Unknown Soldier, at the steps of Parliament.  I spotted riot troops gathering on either side of parliament, and policemen and women cordoning off the traffic, so I went and asked one of the troopers what was up...and he told me of the eminent demonstrations, and advised me, just to be safe, to leave the area.  I gladly complied.  These things aren't usually violent, but just to make sure.....

      Meet the "Evzones".  They are part of an elite mountain infantry who played a large role in the war against the Turks, and now hold the ceremonial position of Guards at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of Parliament.  The guard is changed every hour, and is really interesting to watch.

  Now, on to the new contest!

  What is this man pointing at...and why?


  The first "Follower" to post here, on the blog, the correct answer, will win their choice of piece of jewelry valued at $20 or less, or may apply that amount toward any piece of their choice from my Etsy Shop;    Aegean Dreams Artistic Jewelry

   GOOD LUCK!,  and remember, you must post your answer here, in the comment box on the Blog!


  1. General Theodoros Kolokotronis!
    Standing in front of the Old Parliment House (now National Historical Museum) but pointing the opposite way toward the stables where saying because of their subservience to the King,(during Greek Revolution) the stables were their rightful place.


  2. You are correct! Go to my shop and claim your your choice here please. Congratulations!