Wednesday, April 3, 2013


On my MAC....

Brutally windy here on the island today; that leaves out working in the garden, or doing laundry. (We hang our laundry on the roof...and on a day like today, it would end up in Piraeus!)

That makes it the perfect day to work in the Studio! (as if I needed an excuse!)
So after lunch, (our main meal), I fixed myself a Double Cappuccino and took it into the studio; found my program of "TED TALK HOUR" on NPR, and listened, sipped and forged Ear Wires.

Cutting and forging
Stelring Silver Ear Wires
Life is surely has it's "sweet spots"
I made 10 pair..
That should hold me for a bit!

If! I'm lucky, it will be windy again tomorrow!

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