Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Snow! Oh No!

   Now here is a sight one doesn't see every day! (Thank the Gods!)
   Attica was hit with a ferociously windy and bone chilling winter storm yesterday, complete with Snow!  It is normal for Northern Greece to see snow (lots of it, in fact) in the winter, and even the higher elevations here in Attica, but to see snow as low an elevation as the Acropolis, is indeed rare...not to mention here on Salamina!

  Yesterday had to have been one of the most miserable days I have spent here in Greece.  The wind was roaring in from the north and soon brought with it big fat snow flakes.  No amount of heat could make my house warm...these houses are built to stay cool, not to say warm!  We even shut all of the outside shutters in an attempt to warm up the place, but that did little except make it really gloomy and depressing inside.
  I woke up this morning to a thin covering of snow all over the garden and was worried that I would loose the many flowers which were already blooming....but before I could drink my coffee and get my clothes on in order to get out there and take a was gone.  So, no photos of my place with snow, but here are some photos I found of Athens in snow;

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