Tuesday, April 2, 2013

                    " An Ode To Copper"

Copper is a wonderful and amazing metal, and we humans have been using it for over 10,000 years.  Copper represents "Venus, both the planet and the Goddess.  The Ancient Egyptians used this symbol;  
 the "Ankh" to represent Copper.  The "Ankh" was also the symbol for woman and for eternal life.

The ancients created beautiful copper jewellery

As we do now...............
"Swirls" Copper Ring
"Squiggles" HandMade Copper Necklace

"Red Heart"Free Form Copper Heart with Red Crystals

I don't know how the ancients did it, but in our life it has meant hard, messy, and smelly work with strong chemicals, but, Gentle Reader, this need not be the case!  All you need is;

Simply squeeze the juice of one lemon into a small bowl, add enough water to cover the jewelry you wish to clean.  Drop the jewelry into the lemon bath and within minutes, it will be sparkly clean and pinky-orange new!

Be sure to rinse and dry your jewellery completely, and then it is best to store it in a specially treated bag (I supply one of this type of bag with each purchase) which will protect your jewelry from further oxidation!

 No mess, no fuss, no chemicals!

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