Monday, April 15, 2013

A Sunday Stroll to the Acropoli Mueseum

Located on the southeastern slope of the Acropolis Hill, the new Acropolis Museum is a thing of beauty; lightness and solidarity.  The glass facade of the upper gallery beautifully reflects the Sacred Rock and the Parthenon.  I had been to the museum shortly after it's opening, in 2009, and knew that I would be coming back again and again.  

A few weeks ago, on one of the first warm Sundays of the year, I took myself on the promised outing to return to the museum.

The Entrance Way, on Dionysiou Areopagitou Street.

Natural light fills the spaces.


                 From "The Procession"

The glass facade reflects the Sacred Rock of the Acropolis and the Elegant Parthenon

Outside, on the Terrace

When you come to Athens, don't miss touring this beautiful museum.  When you leave, having worked up an appetite, you will want some place great to eat.  I say; forgo the tourist traps restaurants in the area, and go for a real Greek experience.  Upon exiting the museum, go to your right, and then make another right at the wide pedestrian walk way, Makrigianni, past the metro station to the first street directly behind the museum.  This is Hatzichristou Street...go to #12, "

This is "The Kati Allo" and you can enjoy some good Greek cooking and good Greek wine.  They speak English, too.

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  1. visited the museum last november....and will also go back and back and back! It is amazing and beautiful!