Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kalo Taxidi!

Which means; "Good Travel!" and is very appropriate, because I am writing this just 3 hours before we catch a taxi to our port, then the Karavaki, (small boat), to Piraeus, where we will board the huge Anek Ferry will take us on an overnight trip to Kriti! (Crete!)

Port at Hania

The ship doesn't leave till 9pm, but if you knew Vasili, you would know this is "de regular" for him. This time we will be going without Haroula (our car) so things will be much less chaotic, although I have heard that as early as last week, there was not one ticket by ship or plane available to it will probably be pandemonium inside the ship. Wish I had an IPOD! Maybe I will just take earplugs.

Anek Ferry Boat to Crete

Here are some sights and sounds from Crete that I hope will interest and delight you! I will be gone till next Wed, when I will be back, (hopefully) with loads of great photos from a Springtime Crete! Happy Easter to you All!

Three Muses at Knossos Knossos Palace



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