Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Walk in Athens

Karavaki from Kammantero
    Neither wind, nor clouds, nor cold, (11'C high!), could keep me from my appointed task of making the trip into Athens today, to bring you the promised photos of the Ancient City. I went. It is about a 10 minute drive from my house to this pretty little port where I can catch the "Karavaki" (small boat) for the 45minute ride to Piraeus, which is the port city to Athens.

A Pilot boat overtaking us.
Salamina disappearing in our wake.

  The port is pretty empty today, only a few of the Island Ferry boats, not many cruise ships.  We arrive, disembark,  and I set out for the train station, a walk of about 10 minutes.  It is REALLY cold, and I am wishing I had worn my boots and leggings instead of stockings and flats.  By the time I reach the train-staion, I am seriously considering turning around and taking the next boat back to Salamina...but I know I will feel badly if I don't have the photos posted for you over the I carry on.  At least it will be warm inside the train.

Our Karavaki, the Boufouras, passengers disembarking.

A Car Ferry loading up to go to Aegina Island, just
south of Salamina

View from the pedestrian
bridge over the main road
in Pireasu, on my way
to the train.

After a 20 minute
ride, the train arrives at Thessio Station, where I decide to get off and make the  short
Cafe's with outside heaters
(and of course, the resident Dog!)

walk up to Monasteraki.  (Small Monastery)  Monasteraki is the main Platia (Square) of Plaka, and Plaka is the picturesque area which has grown up over centuries around the foot of the Acropolis.  There are cafes for sitting outside and enjoying a hot or cold drink, restaurants, and all types of shops and artisans.  The area is always full of locals along with the ubiquitous tourists, all enjoying the sites and each other.  This place feels so alive, and I feel good just being here.

The Rock of The Acropoli of Athens!
Tourist Choo choo!

Street Antiques in Theissio

I had a focused mission for this trip, and that was to take a photo of a certain church for a contest I am hosting here on "Turn Left At Athens", and after drinking in a bit of the flavor of the area, the cold and wind made me decide to make a Bee Line straight for that church.  I was so intent on reaching it, that I passed up some pretty good sales, too...but I was determined! (and COLD!)
  Then, I heard music.  Not street music, but real band music.  I followed the sound and was amazed to find a good sized Municipal Band, all decked out in red and black, formed up right in front of the very church which was my goal!  More surprising was the fact that they were playing; "Rock Around the Clock!"  
  As if it were not incongruous enough to hear a Greek band playing a 50' rock tune on the streets of Athens, in front of this venerable ancient church...there, in front of them, looking out of place and time was one of the only two Laterna's left in Athens!  I arrived just in time to get this photo;

Rock Around The Clock In Athens!!
   Don't you just Love it!?  
   Well, this is the end of our travels for today, but we can meet up here tomorrow for the second half of the trip, and the announcement of the contest I am hosting.  Stay tuned, as the Prize will be a selection from my Aegean Dreams Artistic Jewelry Store on Etsy!

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