Sunday, August 4, 2013

                         Barcelona! Part I

Oh, how I love Barcelona!  I got to spend a week there visiting my good friends Sarah and Rodrigo.

Hop On Hop Off Tour Bus
 Barcelona is the most people friendly city I have ever been in.  The way it is laid out makes it so accessible to pedestrians and bicyclists alike.  Or, you can take advantage of one of these Hop on Hop Off ubiquitous European Tour Busses...Me?  I chose to walk!

On my way to Placa Catalunya

 People, Pigeons, Statues and Fountains.
Hey, Back Off!

So hot I was wishing to join them.

I walked all over Barcelona this day; beginning at Placa de Espana, past the bull ring, the University of Barcelona, on to Placa de Catalunya, thru the Historic district, around to the port and back again to Placa de Espana!  It was a wonderful, wonderful, exhausting day!

The Bull Ring
Bike paths going each direction
The Old Bull Ring is now a showcase shopping and leisure centre. The architectural feat of raising the ageing building was truly amazing...go here for more info.

The citizens really utilise the bike paths

Beautiful architecture everywhere you look.
Dogs, bikes and scooters.
Barcelona University

City Bicycle System.  Rent and Ride.
This is a wonderful program; you buy a monthly bike rental card and then you may take a bike, ride it to your destination, leave it and lock it. It doesn't need to be returned to the place where you started from.  Read about it here.

La Boqueria on Las Ramblas
  I love the huge, wonderful, all encompassing markets strewn thru the neighbourhoods of Barcelona, this one is probably the one most often seen by tourists. 



                                   Fresh Fish

The sounds, smells and colours of the markets of Barcelona are absolutely intoxicating!

I hope you enjoyed Part I of my Barcelona trip...keep watching for Part II...a trip to a small seaside village  on the Costa Brava.

Please let me know if you enjoy these posts by leaving a comment, that will encourage me to do more;-)

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