Monday, October 7, 2013

                        Olympic Flame Hand Over

  It is unconscionable that I live where I do, yet I did not go into Athens to witness the hand over of the Olympic Flame for the 2013 Winter Olympics!  What is wrong with me??  I did get to watch it on television, and it was beautiful as well as moving.  I vow to be there for the next handover, come what may!  

     Here are some photos I have found to share with you; I hope that you enjoy them!

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  1. nice to see the pictures! i am here,too...didn't go either...and missed it on tv. I thought it would be later in the day....Inspite all troubles here and so much commerce with the Olympics, the spirit is still there and that's a positive thing! I was lucky seeing the flame for the summer olympics in 2004 here in Athens and it is unforgetable! :)