Thursday, February 24, 2011


     Tzatziki is the multi-purpose Greek Yoghurt and cucumber dip.  It is used as a dip, as a spread, as a condiment and an appetizer, and mostly known to foreigners as the sauce which goes on your Gyro.  (FYI...the word is pronounced; "Year-o".  No hard "G", Please!)

Tzatziki is made as many different ways as there are preparers, but the basic ingredients are;

 Greek Yoghurt (nothing like the pale thin stuff we buy in the States!)
Grated and drained cucumber
Garlic...Lots of Garlic!
Olive Oil...just a bit
lemon...again, just a bit

Alternative additions are:
grated carrots (not too much)

If making this from any yoghurt other then Greek, you will need to first drain the yoghurt using a coffee filter inside a sieve for several hours...this will make it thick enough.  Also, I don't suggest low fat, just not the same.

Tzatziki compliments all meats beautifully, is great as a dip with pitta pieces or chips, and is yummy on it's own, scooped up with hunks of bread.


  The best way to enjoy your Tzatziki ladened Gyro is with a glass or two of Retsina, but beware, it smells and tastes a bit like turpentine...and for your safety, should be drank SItting Down!

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