Saturday, February 19, 2011

Aegean Dreams Artistic Jewley

Very Bohemian Wire Wrapped Bangle
Starring large Carnelian
Komboloi Beads
     My main passion in life these days, is my Jewelry.  I began making Wire Wrapped Jewelry some  years ago.  Because of my location, I was forced to learn things the hard way...trial and error and the Internet.  Thank God for You Tube, and all of the very generous Artists out there who feel compelled to share.  May their Karma be doubly blessed!

  Here are a few examples of my work, and a link to my Etsy shop.  I would be pleased to hear your impressions.

Sterling Silver N Royal Blue Japanese
Seed Beads.  Sold
But available in 14k GF.

Organic Copper Swirl Motif Necklace

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