Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What's Happening at the Work Bench

Every studio should have it's resident cat.....

 This is my resident cat; "Patches" (aka Patsy Cline...long story, don't ask!)
Patches is the perfect studio cat, she "pussy foots" (sorry, couldn't resist) around my work bench, disturbing nothing.

Then we have the Quality Control Cat; "Girlfriend"

Unlike my Studio Cat, Patches,  "Girlfriend" is chaos on 4 legs!  She wants to be in the middle of everything, the center of my attention, and wants to be up close to everything I am doing.  She is always on the job!

A client wanted some ideas for a pair of large hoop earrings, with a Spanish flair, so here I began to make some sketches and try out some different stones.  Working first in Copper
Swirls and curves give a nice Spanish feel...

Here comes Quality Control again!!

"Yes, Girlfriend, I know it is time for a cuddle break".

It is a bit difficult working with a cat in your lap; but I wouldn't have it any other way!

I am happy with the end result; Quality Control did a great job!
  I will be adding these earrings to my Etsy shop this evening.


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  1. Looks like good work is being made. Luckily, you have such a helpful assistant!