Monday, May 2, 2011

The Rest of the Easter In Crete

Today I will post photos from Easter's Eve, when it is proclaimed that Christ has arisen. I have partaken in this ritual many times in my 22 years here in Greece, but this time was a surprise for me. I should have had a clue when, on my way back from Kalyves on Sat, with Katina, we passed thru the small village of Neo Horio, and in the middle of the 3 road cross roads, there was a huge stack of wood which looked very much like the makings of a bonfire. I didn't ask Katina about it, as we were in the middle ofa conversation about our respective children and their lives. Later that night, Ihad a huge surprise when I learned what the wood pile was for.

This beautiful young woman is the Granddaughter of our friends, Katina and Panyotis, who own and run "The Eagles Nest" along with their family. She is holding her little niece.
In the photo to the right, is Katina, smiling her wonderful smile. It is not an exaggeration to tell you that that smile, and her cooking are literally world famous.

Now we come to the surprise...the Pappas walked thru the church courtyard and down the steps...I couldn't see what was there. Suddenly there was a "whoosh!" and flames leaped into the air. I was astounded! Vasili explained that in small villages the people would burn Judas in effigy. So! That is what that huge pile of wood was doing in the middle of the village in Neo Horio! It was quite a sight. Most of us ran into the church, as hot ashes were raining down on us. What an experience!

Next came the ringing of the church bell.

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