Monday, March 7, 2011

Go Fly a Kite!

 Today is "Kathera Deftera", or, "Clean Monday".  Clean Monday is the beginning of the Greek Lenten period.  Most Greeks try to get out into the countryside, a picnic or a vacation house on some island.  We, fortunately, (or not in some ways...crowds, noise and traffic), live in the countryside on one of the Greek Islands, so we don't have to go anywhere at all!  We are already here.

  The food eaten on Clean Monday is very traditional, and the general rule of thumb is not to eat anything with a vertebrae...which leaves great vegetable dishes and shell fish, and squid and octopus.  Salads like "Taramasalata" (fish egg salad), lettuce and cabbage salad.

  In the "Kelaidis" house, we will be eating  mussel pilaf and boiled shrimp tossed with lemon and oil, taramasalata  and whipped potatoes and some white wine to wash it all down.  Oh, and I nearly forgot, I am making, Foccacia, which is as close as I get to the traditional Greek bread for the occasion; Lagana Bread, which to me, has no taste at all.  (mine is so much better;-))

  The tradition of the day is to fly "Aeteo" (eagles) which is the Greek term for Kites.  The sky will be filled with kites today and I will try to get a photo from our roof, although the really cold and miserable weather may not be too conducive to that.

                                          So, all of you out there...Go Fly A Kite!!

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